What if you could upgrade your online presence
& improve your personal capacity for more new clients all-in-one?

What would be possible for you?

Do you want to get the most out of your business, fast?

Have you ever considered the value of investing in yourself - as part of investing in your business?

Sure, you’ve probably thought about the Education you’ve invested in and link that to your business.

But have you ever correlated your own self-growth with the growth of your business?

Have you ever felt that moment where you can’t handle anything more coming your way? When you’ve hit some sort of internal wall or blockage and everything just gets harder?

You start to feel more alone in your business, you wonder if this is normal or if it’s just you.

I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. Business is hard and the biggest shifts, growth and success in business come from INSIDE the CEO, Owner and BOSS (that you are!)

So, now what?

Now, you set yourself free...

My favourite part of business, is the part where you upgrade your own mindset and break down your own limiting beliefs so that you can rise to a new level of expertise, a new level of success.

I'm so passionate about this, that I've created a fast and easy way for your to get a dose of upskilling while also up-levelling your online presence. Business moves fast, so why not?

Hey there, I'm Amanda...

I'm obsessed with helping people get their sh*t together with internal shifts & growth and external design & strategy.

I began to notice a concerning trend in just about everyone after they launched their website. Much of the time it was a feeling of overwhelm with having their business out there, “on stage” and “official”.

After digging deeper, I started to see other trends appear, such as money trauma, unrelated triggers, feelings of lack, a sense of distrust in themselves and more.

From that moment on I decided to support my clients throughout the project journey. Allowing for the space to grow along with your project results (growth, expansion, challenges!) so that doesn’t happen to anyone again! (Not on my watch!)

I specialize in easing people into unbelievable levels of growth & showcasing that! 

Does this hesitation regarding your online presence sound like you?

Do you feel this may be something you’d like to work on while finally taking the brave steps forward into the next phase of your business?

It’s my mission to help 111 entrepreneurs feel in alignment with their business and online presence by the end of 2022 – I’d love for you to be one of them!

Feeling some resistance to moving to the next phase in your business?

As if you've hit a wall in your own capacity to keep moving forward and expanding?

Check out the FREE Mindset Library and break down those walls
Choose exactly what you need from the library, right away!

Grow and expand with confidence!
Get access to the FREE Mindset Library today!

Step past some of your limiting beliefs and have a fresh look at what is possible for your business!

Here's the secret combination to all this...

Have you ever worked with a Business Coach, a Mindset Coach or anything in between?

How about a Website Designer or Strategy Consultant?

What would be possible for you if... you combined all of the above into one fast-paced, exciting journey to get your business looking great on the outside (online) and your Boss Self feeling 100% ready to take on the world?!

Here's how we can work together...

*The Exclusive Upgrade*

  • All-in-one mindset coaching & website strategy, design & branding - so that you can
  • elevate your own capacity for more dream clients
  • scale your business without the overwhelm
  • and calibrate your business & yourself to those next-level clients with solid confidence, strategy & foundational elements!
  • Perfect for you if you're looking to reach new heights with your business, achieve your BIG goals, and reach the other side with a stunning & strategic online presence!

    This exclusive package is the choice for you if you want to do the personal growth work that BUILDS you and your business up to new heights at the same time!

The Level Up Experience

  • Guided strategy consulting and custom website design & branding - so that you can:
  • showcase your clear and confident offerings
  • action your goals & visions into successes
  • show up as the elevated version of you
  • and help more dream clients with a new level of sophistication!
  • Perfect for you if you're looking to scale up and offer to a new level of clientele, create boundaries without guilt and infuse your online presence with a next-level version of you!

    With this collaborative experience, we build you the business you have always wanted and are now ready to execute and show the world

Express Website Kickstart

  • Easy-to-use "minus the tech" website kit with guidance and support from me! So that you can:
  • skip the tech-headaches!
  • launch your dream website without a single meltdown
  • sleep well knowing that every tech detail is professionally taken care of for you
  • Perfect for you if you're looking to have the tech and design elements expertly set up for you so that you can take the website over the finish line on your own timeline.

    Unlock the secrets of building and having a website without wanting to throw your laptop out the window, in 3 guided steps!

50% off Ends June 30th! Limited Spaces Available

It would feel something like this...
Laura S.
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Amanda has been absolutely outstanding and has been very very helpful with my website she’s very passionate about her work.
I can't recommend her enough!
Tim R.
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Carl K.
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For your business and your wellbeing...
mindset shifts
Clear Strategy
online presence
Before working with me...
  • You're not sure how to position yourself so that you stand out from the crowd.
  • You haven't quite figured out how you want your business to look, feel and function.
  • It's taking 2-3x longer for you to work with clients and their missing bookings because the back-end work involved isn't automated.
  • You thought you could grow your business without support, but it feels exhausting and overwhelming.
  • You didn't realize how much you need a business strategy and a plan to implement your brand when you started and now you're feeling out of your element.
After working with me...
  • You feel supported, you have a strategy, you feel more powerful and are excited to take on MORE clients!
  • You own an irresistable website (asset) that sells YOU for you.
  • Your website is functional, stunning and totally you, putting your best foot forward for your clients.
  • You've transcended the time trap that WAS your business and now are enjoying the smooth flow or organisation and processes. (And you've saved time & money on missed bookings!)
  • You feel excited and proud to showcase your bigger, better and more "YOU" business. (You can be yourself AND be the amazing professional you are!)
Ready to fall back in love with you business?

There's a better way to work with more dream clients - without the headaches - Let me show you how!

Here's how it works...

1. Book a free no pressure consultation.

I'll ask you some questions about your business and goals, share more about my process and packages and answer all your questions, giving you more insight into how we can work together.
We'll get to know each other, and make sure we're a good fit!

2. Choose a package and lock in your spot on my calendar

You'll choose the package that feels aligned with what you'd like to accomplish and how you'd like to work with me!

3. We do a business deep dive and strategy intensive to ensure you get exactly what you need to reach your business goals!

With my help, we'll not only polish up your business processes and strategy and create an online presence that will feel completely aligned to where you are in your amazing business journey now, we'll expand your capacity to handle more success (while working less)

4. We build and design that next level of your business, showcasing your new self & business - so you can focus on what you love to do & help more people!

We'll work together over the next xx weeks to create the perfect foundation for your business and the stunning forward facing online presence you envision. We'll make your behind-the-scenes work a breeze & we'll elevate the way your business runs, inside and out!

If you're ready to...

Expand your capacity...

Surpass your own expectations...

Calibrate yourself to next-level clients...

Align your strategy with more of your favorite types of clients...

Then I'd love to meet you!

Don't waste another second going it alone
Scale your business, expand your own capacity

- and enjoy the journey!

Let's connect, have a coffee chat and get to know each other 🙂