Hi There, I'm Amanda...

I’m the founder, CEO and head designer of Untamed Designs.

Why Untamed? Because I love to keep things spicy.

I’ve always had this inner feeling to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to keep things out-of-the-box and a bit wild. Hence, Untamed. 

Nowadays I’m a bit of a growth mindset junkie…

On top of that, I love to do what’s against the grain and scary!

I wasn’t always like this though, I was a stressed out child, afraid of pretty much EVERYTHING, especially Mondays, public speaking and meeting people.

Now Mondays are my favorite day because I run my own business and schedule – and meeting with people, presenting or putting myself out there all bring me great joy!

I had to change my mindset drastically, unlearn a lot, move past traumas that were holding me back – and now I’m here to help you do the same!

I'd like to welcome you to my world!

I’m a creative being stuck in an adrenaline junkies body and life, fortunately! 

I aspire to bring to you, feelings of freedom from your own mind trash.

I aspire to provide you the space and circumstances which catapult you out of your comfort zone and into the next level version of you!

Whatever that might look like, I’m here for it.

I’m inspired to showcase that new you – with beautiful aspirational design that encompasses your personality and your values while speaking to your target audience – to your dream clients.

Stick with me and we’ll get you growing at high speeds.

If this feels aligned to you and you feel called to take a courageous step forward or your curious to know more, take the leap below!

Jump in & do what you haven't done before...
I mean really, fully, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Running a business brings up all these scars, traumas and icky things about yourself you never knew were there – because you have to become so many things in order to move forward toward success.

As I worked with more entrepreneurs, I found that business feels like this for everyone. That feeling of flailing your arms around and sometimes running in circles.

That’s the feeling I want to help remove for you. It doesn’t have to be directionless. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and messy. You’re not alone.

It can be calm, cool and collected when you surround yourself with the right people!

“Suffering ceases to be suffering, the moment it finds meaning” – The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

You’ve found what you love to do, you’re good at it and you help many people with it!

You’re doing an amazing job!

But if you’re feeling like you can see the big picture, you want to do more for people- share your gift at new heights…

…but can’t fathom how to step into that next version of yourself that can handle that… this is the right place for you.

Let’s showcase this next-level you that’s been lying dormant.

Let’s tap into your true self and expand you past any limiting beliefs!

Feeling called to work with me? Lean into that and take an easy step forward and book a call.

I would love for you to be a part of my world so we can expand together.

Click below to book a call and let’s connect!

Imagine your business feeling totally and completely in alignment with you ~ inside and out.