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Welcome to the Express Website Kickstart!

I'm so excited that you're here! Please start with the video above

Here you will find everything you need to create a website that both looks great and makes your life 10x easier!

I've created this process to be easy and to remove as many of the hassles in creating a website as possible.

You won't have to find a hosting provider, a website platform, a copywriter, or figure out the tech integrations (what even is that?! You'll find out soon).
You also won't have to figure out SEO and Analytics all alone! And More!

After you've watched the video above, please continue with the steps below.

PLEASE NOTE: I am available Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm via email for any questions. Feel free to reach out to me, I am here to support you through this process.

If you’ve been here before and need to skip down the page quickly

Welcome to Step One...

Intro and Website Project Planner Guide

Please watch the video

Step Two...

Copy Workbook Guide Through

Step Three...

Branding Workbook Guide Through

Step Four...

Bringing it all together!

Time to Cross The Next Bridge!

Once you're completed all the above workbooks please move on below.

Choose Your Adventure...

Great job! You're now ready to choose your FREE Template and Tech Integrations!

Which Template feels right for you?...

Each template can be customized with colours, fonts and branding to suit your business.
Choose one that feels right and it can become what you need it to be!

Choose your Ultimate Wellness Template below





Are You Feeling Ready to Get Online?!

Once you’ve reached this stage please book in for our Pre-Set-Up Meeting below!

We can discuss any questions you may have and make sure we achieve what you are hoping to achieve!

Afterward, I will create your WordPress website, install all the plugins you need, AND your new template and tech integrations!

You've Reached The Last Bridge!

Your website is up and running! Congrats!
Now it's time to LEARN how it works and to DECORATE!

Now that your Website is all Set Up!...

After we've completed set up, please watch the videos below which explain how to edit and use your website!

Module One...

"What am I even looking at?" WordPress Intro

Module Two...

Create Your Brand Board - Design Your Website Elements

Module Three...

Maintenance - How and When to Update Plugins, Themes etc

Module Four...

Get Found Online & Understand Your Visitors! - Setting Up SEO and Analytics

Module Five...

Launch Your Website!

You're All Done!!

Heck Yes! Your website is up and out there!

Please feel free to email me for email support for the next 30 days - where I would be happy to jump on a call and provide you with any assistance (if needed!)


Good luck with your new wellness business! It will be amazing, like you!

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