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Guide for small businesses

The Ultimate guide to Choosing the right Website Platform for your business

All the insight you need from a Website Designer
that has worked with them all

Behind-the-scenes of The Most Used Platforms Revealed

Understanding the limitations of a website platform BEFORE you commit will save you time, effort and headaches

Insight on the top platforms

Choosing the right platform for your business is paramount to a long-term, happy relationship with your website.

Let your website work harder for you

The Author

Amanda Petra

After working with business owners of all shapes and sizes, I have seen how the wrong website platform can make or break the exponential growth of a business.

👉 Understanding the behind-the-scenes elements of your business (before you outsource) is key to a business that grows and scales with solid foundations.

My tools may be website design but my mission is to empower business owners to have a business they love and can gain freedom with.

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