1 Project Space Available Per Month, claim yours!

Get it Done VIP 1/2 Day Exclusive

Book out 1/2 a day of my time to complete your project in record time!

Whether you need a logo done and you’d like some space for revisions, you need some branded social content, or you need some product photos done. 

Utilize a variety of my skills.

Get it Done exclusive 1/2 Day

$500 - $1,000
  • I've created these Exclusive 1/2 Days to make it easy for you to gain access to professional assistance and to ensure you get everything done in one go instead of many tiny fixes over a LONG span of time.
    Save time and effort. Get expert assistance, easily!

    Chose what you need:
  • Existing website updates or revisions
  • Logo Design with revision time
  • Product Photography (a common need for your website we can help solve!)
  • Brand asset design (business cards, letterheads, social emails...)
  • Branded social media templates
  • Software implementation or integration

Don’t see what you need? Email me at amanda@untameddesigns.com.au

How it Works...

1. Reserve the date you'd like the work completed on

Choose a date that works for the timeline of your project. I will start the work in the morning on that date at 9am and end at 1pm (Darwin Time).

2. On The Day of The Exclusive

The day of, between 9am and 1pm we will communicate through Facebook Messenger for quick response exchanges to ensure I have all the information. (Darwin Time)

(I will do my best not to message you too early in your own time zone). 

I may send you video recordings (Loom) of the work throughout so we can quickly sort out revisions and design choices.

Please follow @Untamed.Designs.AU on Facebook and we can message through there.

3. Complete the Prep Work - The Days Prior

Upon booking you’ll receive an email with instructions on all the prep work you’ll need to complete BEFORE the 1/2 Day, in order for me to accomplish your goals during the 1/2 Day Exclusive along with the booking confirmation.

4. Completion Call

Once the 4 hours of work is complete, at 1pm we will meet via Video Call to ensure you are happy with what you have asked me to complete (design or photos etc) and we’ll have final revision opportunity here for you.

Reserve Your 1/2 Day Spot...

Your booking will be at 1pm or 1:30pm (Darwin Time) for our Completion Call via video (Zoom).

The work will be completed that same morning between 9am and 1pm.

[The Calendar below will show the time in your own time Zone]

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