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For a long time I struggled with donating to causes as (for a while there) it was hard to trust a single one of them. You may have felt the same hesitation, as transparency is never a corporations strong suit. So with that in mind, I have chosen these causes below because I believe that the funding is being used with common sense, absolute care and are DIRECTLY impacting the desired outcomes.
These causes are as transparent as possible and you can see the differences they make. So if you're as hopeful as I am that we can maintain our faith in humanity, join me in supporting some groups doing wonderful work.
-Amanda, Untamed Designs Owner

Sea Shepherd

A GLOBAL movement of passionate people volunteering their time to actively protect marine life.

This cause runs deep in my soul as I am a part of the Sea Shepherd Darwin Chapter as a Co-coordinator & Education Coordinator. The people involved in this organization, from top to bottom, love the ocean, it's inhabitants and are fighting tooth and nail to protect it.

The ocean is under massive threats from illegal and unregulated fishing leading to overfishing, plastic pollution leading to countless unnecessary deaths of marine life, shark culling and finning leading to apex predators dying out and leaving the ecosystem without checks and balances... I could go on.

Please know that Sea Shepherd protects these animals with DIRECT ACTION, for example, by sending vessels to fight against poachers in illegal areas and assisting countries to manage their shorelines against similar threats. Wherever marine life is under threat, Sea Shepherd is there as opposition, standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves.


Charity Water

A lovely cause that knows "water changes everything". You can actively see your donations causing change in lives. Your donations bring clean water to thousands of people who have gone far too long without it. An amazing cause started by Scott Harrison. It's unbelievable that this problem has to be solved by donations but since this is the case unfortunately, water brings life, let's help bring water and life to deserving people. Every person is deserving of that.

#TeamSeas & The Ocean Cleanup

Help thousands of like-minded people remove 30 million pounds of trash from our oceans by January 1st, 2022!

As of Nov 2021 12,953,901 pounds have been removed.

Aussie translation... That's 5,875,791 KG! 

This movement is fueled by social media sharing and spreading awareness like everything else nowadays and it's working wonders!

#TeamSeas has teamed up with many passionate organisations including The Ocean Cleanup which provides these TRASH EATING ROBOTS you see in the image here.

These robots have been placed at the mouths of many of the worst polluting rivers, which funnel millions of pounds/kg of trash into the oceans. Much of this trash comes downstream from under-developed areas which unfortunately don't have access to infrastructure for proper disposal capabilities.

Innovative projects like this our making the biggest differences that are pretty much instant.

If you'd like to choose to donate to this cause know that $1 = 1 pound of trash. Your funds will go far in removing trash and also investing into building more trash cleaning robots to exponentially grow positive change.


Oz Harvest

An organization that began because an event planner couldn't bear watching so much food being wasted. Oz Harvest has grown massively since then, helping bring 7 million plus meals to those who need it Australia-wide. Their focus is to use as much good "thrown away" food as possible and to construct meals nutritious meals for everyone they help. They have many fascets to their organization, including educating others on sustainable food culture and bringing change to every level from farm to government to everyday people. With their drive and focus they have managed to change the laws in 4 states to allow companies to be able to give away excess food without fear of liability. That is massive.

Nowadays their focus has also shifted towards disaster relief and includes assisting people affected by the current worldwide situation. We need more people to think like these wonderful people in this organization. Who knows when someone you know may need their help.

If you choose to donate to Oz Harvest, know that every $1 = 2 meals to help someone in need. Let's aim to raise $1,000 so that we can give 2,000 meals!

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