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We create personality-rich, high-converting websites for ambitious but heart-led entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to make sure you feel confident and comfortable using your website after working with us, while ensuring your website design makes you unforgettable!

WTA is a course for creating your own personalized website in just 7 days (or choose self-paced).

It has short, simple micro-lessons for easy learning – anyone can do it, even if you’re not techie!

Presale signups will receive 4 weeks (1 bonus week) of 1:1 Whatsapp Coaching support from your own website designer PLUS lifetime access to be able to re-design your website anytime.

You can DM me on Instagram and ask me any website questions, or book a call through the website to create a plan for your website.

Whether you work with me or not my Alignment Calls are free to help you figure out your next steps. 

Amanda is the owner and CEO of Untamed Designs and is the heart behind the company.

Amanda is an intuitive designer and a leader with a grand dream to help more people feel confident in their business growth journey. She has a team now to support the mission of Untamed Designs and the Your Untamed Life Podcast – to help transform people’s businesses and live a life filled with bravery, ambition and daring. Helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses to new heights and do things they never would have thought possible with the support of a community that won’t settle until they have fulfilled their potential + done their best to improve the world around them.

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