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Top 5 Tech Integrations you NEED for your New Website! [2023]

Amanda Petra

Amanda Petra

WordPress Website Designer and
Transformation Coach for ambitious entrepreneurs


There have been so many improvements to software nowadays and it is your time to reap the benefits of some of the easiest tools to use to simplify and automate your business. Check out these 5 easy to use tools that you can add to your website today.

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Top 5 Tech Integrations you NEED for your New Website! [2023]

When starting your own business, it can be hard to find enough hours in the day to do everything you need – plus still have time for all the other things in your life!

Luckily, there have been so many improvements to software nowadays and it is your time to reap the benefits of these. But how do you tell which one is the best for you and your business? And why do you need these? 

Well, trust me – they are going to save you time and make you money! They are going to allow you to spend your time on the good stuff, and not the tedious manual work of admin tasks, email workflows and so-on. It also allows you to do your business-as-usual tasks from anywhere – you can be on holiday and manage your clients easily with the right tech solutions in place!

Check out my top 5 integrations you need now for your website:

1. SEO – Site Kit by Google

Site Kit by Google – A free WordPress plug-in that allows you to view data relevant to who has visited your website, about how people are finding and using your website, and provide insights into how you can improve on and monetise your site content – all directly within your WordPress dashboard. FREE.

2. Acuity Booking Calendar

Acuity Calendar – A very user-friendly scheduling tool where you can sync and manage your calendars, take payments, utilise intake forms, and customise them to suit your branding. Start with the 7-day FREE trial to get set up with a stylish booking calendar, then move to a plan such as the Emerging plan: $ 14USD per month.

3. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments – The most popular payment gateway right across many business sizes. Stripe is becoming the leading payment gateway with its available features, and integrates into almost every platform with ease. Sign up FREE and pay when you begin to process payments: 1.75% + 0.30c for Domestic Cards (AUD) and 2.9% + 0.30c for International Cards (AUD).

4. Whatsapp Chat Box

Whatsapp Chat Box – Allow customers to chat with you on your site with this support function. Simply connect your Whatsapp phone number to enable the ‘click to chat feature. Best of all, it’s FREE to add to your website!

5. ConvertKit Email Marketing

ConvertKit – A marketing hub that was built for creators to maximise your audience with automation made to monetise your business. Sell digital products through Convertkit, and stay in communication with your subscribers with automation and email workflows. Start with the FREE 14 Day trial. Then, if under 300 subscribers your account is FREE. Once above 300 subscribers, it’s $9-$25USD per month, depending on the plan and features you require.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the immense variety of available tools out there that you can utilise. Continue to do your own research to keep up to date with new features and functionalities platforms are offering, to ensure they are the best fit for your business 🙂

Further Tech Integrations Guide COMING SOON! Follow me on Instagram for more updates!

If you find it overwhelming, start with one area of your business first and focus on what tool you could best implement at that moment. 

If you’re unsure – reach out to me!

You can connect with me on Instagram anytime!

Cheers Beauties!

Amanda xx

Please note; that these are my recommendations – you should still continue to do your own research to best decide on what solution is right for your and your business growth.

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