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Let's be honest, you wish you had a website that does all the work for you! Who wouldnt?

The only problem is...

Wish you could wave a magic wand and skip to the good part?

You'll find, there's a bit more to what we do here and a it's a little bit like magic

Customized Strategy ♦︎ Design ♦︎ Coaching + more

Customized Strategy, Design,
Coaching + more

Personality-rich design that wows the socks off your dream clients

The design we create and release into the world together will have a special focus on the types of clients that you love to work with, and attracting more dream clients like them by focusing on the vision you have for your businesses’ growth.

Two women work together at a table, engaging in conversation facilitated by a sound wave. Symbolizing voice chat support from this website design company.

Exclusive access to your own personal coach and support team at your fingertips

1:1 support through the whole journey of expanding your business in the online realm with your website.

Exclusive voice chat access to your designer and coach. Together we work through your business plans and action steps in real-time, as I design the next visual pieces of your business for you.

Unheard of, Copyworkshopping - for clear messaging to reach the right clients.

Converting websites focus on the customer journey, design AND the experience that the copywriting takes the client on.

With our services, your copywriting and messaging is put through copywriting filters and aligned to your design, so your website copy sounds exactly like you and speaks to the right people.

This optional service is recommended for a smooth, flowing website that is holistically designed to speak to your dream clients.

Trusted by Some Seriously Incredible Humans...

website design example
A laptop featuring a flag company website showcased on the screen, symbolizing collaboration, teamwork and a great website design.
website design example
A laptop featuring a flag company website showcased on the screen, symbolizing collaboration, teamwork and a great website design.

Imagine if...

Your business could attract + sell for you while you could focus on creating, being, and your own blissful freedom

Your website is the key to that balance...

That's exactly why I created an easy, supportive system for your website to launch in record time, with a real focus on you and your goals.

Don’t go it alone any longer, enquire now and let’s get your business seen online

Before working with Untamed...
  • You're not sure how to position yourself so that you stand out from the crowd.
  • You're not sure how to position yourself so that you stand out from the crowd.
  • You haven't quite figured out how you want your business to look, feel and function.
  • It's taking 2-3x longer for you to work with clients and their missing bookings because the back-end work involved isn't automated.
  • You thought you could grow your business without support, but it feels exhausting and overwhelming.
  • You didn't realize how much you need a business strategy and a plan to implement your brand when you started and now you're feeling out of your element.
After working with Untamed...
  • You feel supported, you have a strategy, you feel more powerful and are excited to take on MORE clients!
  • You own an irresistable website (asset) that sells YOU for you.
  • Your website is functional, stunning and totally you, putting your best foot forward for your clients.
  • You've transcended the time trap that WAS your business and now are enjoying the smooth flow or organisation and processes. (And you've saved time & money on missed bookings!)
  • You feel excited and proud to showcase your bigger, better and more "YOU" business. (You can be yourself AND be the amazing professional you are!)

Kind Words from Exceptional Humans

"I met Amanda during a scary time for me as I had just opened a new business. Unfortunately for me I am not very computer savvy, but fortunately for me Amanda was there to help me create the website I needed.

I highly recommend Untamed Designs. Amanda is super talented but also an amazing human who is genuinely interested in her clients!

She wants to see all of us succeed and is happy to support us in our journey. I love my website and I am extremely grateful for the service, support and patience Amanda has given to me <3"
"I was tired of website designers leaving me high and dry with questions after my first website build.

Working with Amanda was so different, I finally feel like I can use my new website and she simplified all of it in regular terms and took the time to explain everything to me even though I'm not great with computers.

I'm really happy I worked with Amanda."
"Working with Amanda has been an absolute pleasure, for me who's not the most technological person, she really made the process very easy.

She provided me with exactly what I wanted with such an easy reviewal process. She really went above and beyond for my website to provide me with exactly the layout and extra information that I needed in the end and ended up even better than I expected.

Amanda made me feel really involved in the whole process. I would recommend Amanda to anyone looking to start up a website or online business!"

we like to keep it simple around here

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3. Brainstorm, gameplan + strategize your business with support

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4. Relax while you are guided through the website create, build + launch process

And just like that, you've levelled up your online presence eek! Congrats!

Don't waste another second going it alone.
Scale your business,
expand your capacity for more new clients

and build yourself the freedom you've been looking for

( biz chats are the best chats! )

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